Bloggers Guidelines

IWBF Blogging Guidelines

These are the official guidelines for the IWBF social media Bloggers.

We request that all who participate in our blogs take the time to understand and follow these guidelines.

If You Are Contributing to Our Blog as a Blogger or Commenting on our Blogs

Our blogs provide you with an opportunity to engage with other athletes, officials, volunteers, our partners, fans, sponsors, members, the media and the public.

Please consider the following guiding principles:

  1. Provide unique, individual perspectives on your involvement with wheelchair basketball and the IWBF
  2. Post meaningful, informative and respectful posts and commentary— no remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
  3. Always pause and think before posting.
  4. Be respectful and share your honest opinions, ideas and perspective.
  5. When disagreeing with others’ opinions, keep it appropriate and polite.

Our Rules for our Bloggers

Focus on your Experience:  Make sure you write and post about your own experiences and write in the first person. You are encouraged to blog about your full range of personal experiences related to Wheelchair basketball. This can include but is not limited to your experiences on and off the court including your experiences training, preparing, at games, with friends, colleagues, others affiliated with Wheelchair basketball, while travelling and more.

If you are a featured blogger we encourage you to tell as much of your story as you feel comfortable sharing. This may include your successes and your failures, your satisfactions and your frustrations, your disagreements, interactions, struggles, conflicts and your accomplishments, your relationships, what you have learned and how your experiences have contributed to the quality of your life.

Be Smart. If you want to write about games, your team, colleagues, country, organization, other teams, athletes, coaches, officials, members, funders, sponsors, providers of services, make sure you know what you are talking about.

Be fair, respectful and remember that what you are saying is being said publicly. You may disagree with others but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Do not disparage the work, contributions or ideas of others. If you disagree with the ideas, actions, behaviours or advice of others you may present alternatives without overtly criticizing the work of others. Once an inflammatory discussion gets going, it’s hard to stop. Remember that you can be held personally responsible if you post content that is defamatory, obscene, proprietary, libellous, illegal or harmful. The IWBF is not responsible for your comments or the implications of your comments.

Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and confidential information. What you publish is widely accessible and will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully.

Be Informative and Sincere. Your sincerity and genuineness, honesty—or dishonesty—will be quickly noticed in the social media environment. Share your thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions as they reflects your experiences with and around wheelchair basketball. If you are commenting on a product, service, organization that you have a relationship with (or example a sponsor or employer) be open and honest about your relationship.

Engage in dialogue and conversation. Talk to your readers like you would talk to real people. Do not worry about writing perfectly composed sentences that are overly pedantic.  Let us see your personality. Write as you would speak.

If you make a mistake or change your opinion: If you make a mistake, admit it. Be upfront and be quick with your correction. You may choose to modify an earlier post—just make it clear that you have done so.


Pre-moderation. Even though our blog requires a user to register before posting, simple user name and email entry doesn’t necessarily validate the person. So to ensure least risk/most security, we require moderation of all posts and comments before they are published (pre-moderation) to our blog and website.

Balanced online dialogue.  Follow these three principles: the Good, the Bad, but not the Ugly. If the content is positive or negative and in context to the conversation, then we approve the content, regardless of whether it’s favourable or unfavourable to the IWBF or our affiliates. But if the content is ugly, offensive, denigrating and completely out of context, then we reject the content.

Please review the IWBF Social Media Guidelines for more information about guidelines for all of our Social Media Channels. 

Last updated: May 2011

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