Road trips and tough games – life of a student athlete

Another two hours until we will finally be back from our long weekend trip to Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

After being on a bus with 35 people in only 50 seats for about eight hours, I can only dream of being home and getting in a big comfortable bed.

Thursday, I had left Whitewater, Wisconsin along with the university’s men’s and women’s teams for our first big road trip of the season. Even though we prepared well, packing 22 ball chairs and 29 day chairs bared its challenges and ended in a bus packed tight with people stacked on top of each other.

My team’s first game Friday morning was set to be against one of our rivals, Alabama, who we had not played since March 2012, when we beat them to win the National Championship. We knew it would be a hard fought game, so even though we didn’t reach our hotel and get to bed until 2.30 AM on Friday, we made sure to be mentally fit. As expected, Alabama came out strong but we fought back and won 72-54 in the end.

Afterwards, we were tired but there was no time to get rest because a few hours later we had a game against Illinois on our schedule. Thus, we stayed at the gym and cheered on our men’s team taking on Alabama in an also hard fought game while having lunch.

Then, it was our turn again as we had to play Illinois, a very fast pace team with good outside shooters and the tallest female in our division. Even though we had beat them twice just a week ago, it was another tough game. None of us could get in sync but we worked even harder instead and won again.

After this long day, it was finally time to rest and get a full night’s sleep before two more games today: One against Edinboro, the host, and another one against Alabama which we both won 65-16 and 67-48 respectively.

While we played Alabama, our men already packed the bus, so that we rushed in the showers to get on the bus as quick as possible when we were done.

This summarizes three long days as a Warhawk that take everything out of us, but allowed us to stay undefeated and be able to enjoy our Sunday off tomorrow:
College sports as I love and enjoy them with all their challenges every day!

About Mareike Adermann

- 21 years old - Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - member of the German U25 and senior women's national teams

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    sincerly yours

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